Christopher Morgan Loy, ComposerReviews

Loy's music has been described as...

"rhythmically vital,"
"swift and driving!"

...The Clarinet Sonata is going to be a valuable contribution to the repertoire. The difficulties involved in performing the work are certainly justified by it's musical content.
   - Brian Schweickhardt, Concert Clarinetist.


His arrangements of spirituals are fresh and moving... he transforms them into genuine art songs while retaining their indigenous character.
   - Ernestina Snead, Soprano.


Christopher Morgan Loy is a gifted musician and a person of integrity, dignity, and charm. The great strength of his music is its natural, unforced, convincing lyricism. He is an intuitive, inspired composer, not a theoretical one, and his music offers the listener a true and moving experience.
   - Steven Stucky, Composer.


Christopher Morgan Loy is a brilliant and original musical voice... It is rare to find such a combination of humility and accomplishment. I have had... the honor of performing his music. (Avatar for trumpet and piano).
   - Frank Gabriel Campos, Concert Trumpeter, Professor of Trumpet, Ithaca College.


STRING QUARTET #1 (World Premiere - Ithaca, NY) :

A substantial work with all the right stuff.
   - Mark G. Simon, Ithaca Times


SONATA FOR CLARINET & PIANO (World Premiere - Detroit) :

The premiere of Christopher Morgan Loy's clarinet sonata last week was a major event in serious music circles. It was a musical experience of electric excitement ... The audience response was an instantaneous surge of unrestrained approval, a unanimous standing ovation for this duo ...
   - Eric Colin Peters, The Eccentric


FIVE PRELUDES FOR PIANO (World Premiere - Cleveland) :

... the piece spoke with eloquent expressiveness ... Some of the textures related to the piano music of Messiaen ... Eric Malson performed the Preludes with sensitivity to the pianistic qualities of the music."
   - Wilma Salisbury, The Cleveland Plain Dealer



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