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First Presbyterian Church on Dewitt park
Program for October 27, 2004


in a recital of his piano works

Seven Piano Pieces Op. 13
#1. Catnap of the Carnival

Three Sojournic Episodes Op. 7
#1. Allegro semplice

Recollections Of Experience Op. 51
#3. Hallelujah
#2. Adventures with Max the Dog

Contemplations For Piano Op. 48 complete
Threnody For Autumn 2001
The Atmosphere Sighs
Ministry Of The Stars

All music composed and performed by Christopher Morgan Loy
Copyright © 1979-2003 All Rights Reserved


Catnap of the Carnival is the first of Seven Piano Pieces. This work was commissioned by Felix Fernandez-Madrid, a friend and colleague who wanted a set of piano pieces for his own enjoyment. Catnap of the Carnival portrays the excitement of a child on the eve of his first visit to the carnival.

“Allegro semplice” is extracted from Three Sojournic Episodes, a set of three piano pieces depicting a musical journey of youth into maturity. It begins with a humble figuration that ushers in an innocent singing line. The two ideas develop and eventually are interrupted by three short chords, forecasting the tumultuous activity in the third episode.

“Hallelujah” and “Adventures with Max the Dog” are extracted from Recollections Of Experience Op 51, a collection of five pieces.
Hallelujah (#3) has an up beat jazzy rhythm and is reminiscent of uplifting African-American Spirituals.
Adventures with Max the Dog (#2) is a little affectionate piece in memory of a dog friend I once had.

Contemplations for Piano Op.48 (Complete)

Threnody for Autumn 2001 was composed after the events of September 11, 2001 and it encapsulates a musical response.
From the start, Threnody for Autumn 2001 communicates a scene of quiet but relentless foreboding with the use of slow and steady repeated octave C’s. The simple melody, which soars above and between the octaves, depicts a universal sorrow for the human condition, which is in great need of healing. Being an elegiac statement, Threnody … is a work of reflection—as if a snapshot of memory is recalled with a single image, bringing the entirety of the event to mind. A moment of silence follows the piece.
The Atmosphere Sighs is based on a single musical theme whose character is modified by its repetition. The music seeks to bring the listener closer to a reflective experience and stimulate the intuition towards empathy.
Ministry of the Stars depicts Divine energy entering and healing our solar system.

Recollections and Contemplations: November 23rd, 2003

Unitarian Church Auditorium, Ithaca, New York

Guest Artist:
Daniel Kim, Violin

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Music Outside the Box: May 13th, 2001

First Baptist Church - DeWitt Park, Ithaca, New York

Guest Artists:
Mark Simon, Composer / Clarinetist
Ernestina Snead, Soprano
Paul Soper, Tenor

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Tioga Council on the Arts Presents Christopher Morgan Loy : January 21st, 2001

Owego Historical Society, Owego, New York

Guest Artist:
Daniel Kim, Violin

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Christopher Morgan Loy: November 14th, 1999

Unitarian Church Auditorium, Ithaca, New York

Guest Artists:
Steve C. Wilson, Tenor
Alan Giambattista, Harpsichord
Marion Hanson, Soprano
Daniel Kim, Violin
Lee Goodhew, Bassoon

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Christopher Morgan Loy: April 24th, 1999

Unitarian Church, Ithaca New York

Guest Artists:
Linda Larson, Soprano
Christina Fenn, Flute
Laura Campbell, Alto Flute
Liisa Ambegaokar Grigorov, Alto Flute
Steven Stull, Baritone

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Christopher Morgan Loy: October 1st, 1995

Barnes Hall Auditorium, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

Guest Artists:Marion Hanson, Soprano
William Cowdery, Organ & Piano
Michael Salmirs, Piano

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Christopher Morgan Loy: April 22nd, 1995

Community School of Music and Arts Annex Auditorium, Ithaca, New York

Guest Artists:Frank Campos, Trumpet
Todd Caschetta, Marimba & Percussion
Kristin Marshall, Violin
Sera Jane Smolen, Cello & Gongs

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Recital '94: April 13th, 1994

Barnes Hall Auditorium, Cornell University. Ithaca, New York

Guest Artists:
Linda Larson, Soprano
Jennifer Mellits, Flute
Frank Campos, Trumpet
Andrew Willis, Piano

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